A good walk: Coulsdon Commons, Surrey

Farthing Downs, Surrey

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A good walk: Coulsdon Commons, Surrey

Christopher Somerville

Published at 12:01AM, July 18 2015

Riddlesdown rises opposite Kenley railway station, a steep slope of rough
grassland dotted with buttercups and speedwell, and scrub woods thick with
yew, oak and ash. Wrens whirr, blackcaps flute, squirrels scuttle up the
tree trunks. A rutted chalk track winds up the slope and vanishes over the
crest. Walkers stride the grassy paths of Riddlesdown as though they own the
place � and, in effect, they do.

If the Corporation of the City of London hadn�t bought the �Coulsdon Commons�
� Riddlesdown and its neighbouring �wastes� of Kenley Common, Coulsdon
Common and Farthing Downs â�� for �£7,000 in 1883 (nearly �£1 million

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