A good walk: Littondale and Wharfedale, Yorkshire

Looking down on Starbotton

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A good walk: Littondale and Wharfedale, Yorkshire

Christopher Somerville

Last updated at 12:01AM, June 27 2015

Littondale is tucked away, a secluded cleft running northwest from its parent
valley of Wharfedale. If people venture to Littondale, it�s usually to
glimpse Arncliffe, the gorgeous stone-built village where the first few
series of Emmerdale were filmed. Arncliffe�s houses line its green,
presided over by the Falcon Inn � TV�s original Woolpack � where beer is
still served from barrel to jug to glass.

I climbed the steep hillside out of Arncliffe, and it was a mass of wild
flowers � milkwort, bird�s-foot trefoil, lady�s bedstraw, hawkbit and
rockrose � growing like little jewels on the slopes. Every step brought a
fresh pungency

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