A good walk: Runnymede, Surrey

Langham Pond, Runnymede

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A good walk: Runnymede, Surrey

Christopher Somerville

Published at 12:01AM, June 13 2015

Cooper�s Hill Lane snakes westward from Egham in the skirts of a bluebell
wood. On a still afternoon I followed the sun-dappled lane up to the heights
of Cooper�s Hill and climbed to the roof of the splendid Second World War
Air Forces Memorial to some of the 20,000 men and women from across the
world who came to Britain to fight Hitler and found no grave when they died.

Runnymede, the most famous meadow in history, symbol of the rights and
freedoms for which those youngsters sacrificed their lives, lies modestly
beside the River Thames at the foot of

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