A1 | Nottinghamshire | Northbound | Vehicle fire | Road closed

The A1 is closed in Nottinghamshire is closed northbound between the B6387 (near Gamston) and the A57 (near Markham Moor) due to a Heavy Goods Vehicle that has caught fire. Lane 1 is now open southbound and traffic can now pass the scene.

Northbound traffic is advised to follow the diversion by exiting the A1 at the Markham Moor Interchange and take the A638 north on the Great North Road to Retford. Continue along the A638 through the villages of Barnby Moor, Ranskill and Scrooby to the A638/A614 Hawesknest Junction. Turn left onto the A614 until Blyth Interchange, then rejoin the northbound A1.

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